Thursday, December 30, 2010

Oh, What a Difference a Year Makes!

As we prepare to begin 2011, I am thinking about all the amazing changes that have happened this year. God is, indeed, very, very good!

Last year, we rang in the New Year with our family all in different locations: daughter and I in Kansas, sons in Texas, and my husabnd in Iraq. We still made the best of it. And although my husband and I were apart, we made sure to have our New Year’s kiss, via Skype. In fact we had two--one for each time zone.

This year, we are all together, and will ring in the New Year as a family, as it should be. And I'm definitely looking forward to an in-person kiss at midnight!

Last year, the snow outside our home in the Midwest was knee deep, with temperatures below zero.

This year, we’re enjoying a mild 55 degrees with plenty of sun at our new home.

Last year, I was working way too many hours and always took work home, both literally and emotionally. I loved my career and the wonderful people I worked with, but I really needed a break.

This year, our recent PCS has left me in career limbo. And although I'm nervous about this transition, I’ve enjoyed being able to be home this Christmas to focus on my family. Plus, the prospect of a career change in 2011 is very exciting!

Last year, our babies were in pre-school, first grade, and fifth grade.

This year, they’re in kindergarten, second grade, and . . . middle school! Oh my!

Last year, and for the past five years since my husband and I met, at least part of the year has been spent in a deployment or a school somewhere far away (training in 2006, Iraq in 2007-08, Iraq again in 2009-10).

We are hopeful that 2011 will be the first full calendar year that we finally spend together!

Last year, I had a laundry list of resolutions--everything from daily gym visits to contacting long lost friends. Many of them, I actually accomplished. Others, not so much.

This year, my only goal is to be a better person--spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Most of all, I just want to cherish every crazy, hectic, ever-changing moment.

How did your life change in 2010? And what are you looking forward to in the new year?

Here's looking forward to a wonderful 2011!

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