Thursday, March 10, 2011

Because He's Home

My husband came home safely from Iraq—his fourth deployment in this war—eight months ago. And while we don’t know when he may leave again, I am so very grateful that, at least for now, he is home. And because he’s home and he’s safe, there are a few things I must do. Because he’s home . . .

1. I will watch news reports of what’s happening in the war (on the rare occasion that the news still covers the war). I won’t allow myself to forget that other people’s husbands, wives, sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers are still fighting.

2. I will not complain about long hours he spends at work. Because work is now only a few minutes away, not halfway across the world. And work now involves papers and computers and orders and whatever else he does, but does not involve IEDs.

3. I won’t complain about him snoring or hogging the covers. I’m just thankful that he’s sleeping in our bed and not on a cot in the middle of the desert.

4. I will help families whose loved ones are still deployed, in any way I can. So many are still kissing their spouses over webcam and rocking their crying babies to sleep, telling them once again that Daddy loves them and will be home soon. I need to be here for them.

5. I will cherish each day and not take anything for granted. I will hold him a little closer at night and kiss him a little longer when he leaves each morning. We never know how many of those moments we will get, so I will appreciate each and every one.

I will do all of these things now, because he’s home. And hopefully, when that dreaded day comes that he has to leave once again, others whose loved ones are home will do the same. If your soldier is home, give him or her a little extra love today. And if s/he’s not, I hope you can feel the love we are all sending to you.


  1. Thank you for reminding me the ways that I need to stay aware, grateful, and available to others.